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#1 4 years ago

Age old question, but lets pose it.

I've been getting more and more into both universes lately, but more so Marvel's universe I must say. With the exception of Batman, I find the DC universe a little underwhelming at times.

Particularly I like the wide range of diverse characters in the Marvel universe that are well fleshed out and have good back stories, most if not all of them I've found engaging, whereas I can't say the same for every DC character. That being said I have enjoyed the recent Batman vs. Superman and I did like Suicide Squad films.

Anyway, engage raging arguments to be fought across time and space.

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#2 4 years ago

Marvel all the way.  DC is just too 2edgy4me and half the characters are stupid; not to say Marvel doesn't have their fair share.

About to see Doctor Strange, or as my friend thought it was called: "Captain Marvel".

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#3 4 years ago

Marvel doesn't have much depth to it. Most of it is just; these people have super powers, they go boom pow slash bash. That was the major complaint I saw reviewers having with Doctor Strange. The story was just far too shallow and predictable. Not to mention you just know they're always going to save the day.

I much more prefer the more realistic, classical approach that DC have. While Queen is punching bad guys in the face, you get lessons on why wealth doesn't make happiness and the values of loyalty. You get some amazing interactions between him and Barry Allen, as he lectures the latter on how to be a superhero and realises that Central City isn't the same gritty, dirty environment as Star City.

Not to mention Legends of Tomorrow is amazing. Full blown time travel of the highest caliber, with all the humour you could want.

I might be biased, since I don't remember a good Marvel series aside from Agents of SHIELD. Daredevil was boring, Jessica Jones wasn't particularly great, and Agent Carter felt like it had very low production value. Haven't bothered to give IronFist or whatever his name is a watch, since the premise just seemed ridiculous to me.