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21st April 2003

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#1 16 years ago

hi, ive looked everywhere and i hope someone can help me here.

i bought avp2 and the expansion yesterday, and installed no problems.

so i go to play...the set up screen and menus are fine...the sound is fine..but when i try to play the game....the heads up and sound are fine but the rest is so scrambled, nothing but angular shapes of basic colors, white, green, blue, and black...sometimes the game how it should look comes through but then jsut is scrambeld up again. i did the patch and the latest drivers for everything...i dunno what else to do, ive reinstalled and defraged ...i dunno what else will help...seems like a cool game and id hate to hav eto return it.

my specs..

win 2000 pent 4 2.4ghz 512 ram 40gb hd asus 128mb ti 4600

any advice!!!!!!!!


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29th January 2003

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#2 16 years ago

I've had the exact same problem!

Unfortunately, I've NEVER solved it, never been able to play PrimalHunt, and haven't been able to nostalgically go back and replay AvP2.

I haven't visited this board in a year or so; the last time was to post this problem, but noone offered any help. I hope someone helps you (and thus me) out!


Win 2K GeForce MX 440 1.4Athlon 512 DDR forget motherboard make

ps. the game USED to play on Win98 (i have a multiboot system), but I think it stopped playing right when I upgraded to the MX440.

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8th July 2002

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#3 16 years ago

I had a LAN party a couple of days ago and one of our number had the same problem, too. We weren't able to fix it, but we had some ideas. My first thought is drivers. I am fairly certain there's some kind of driver problem going on. Make sure you have the latest versions of the drivers for your vid card, mobo, sound card, et. all. You might even think about BIOS updates. If you plan on update the BIOS (especially that of the mobo), make sure you are certain of what you are doing! It is very easy to screw things up. For instance, if you have a Flash ROM BIOS for your mobo and you lose power during the flash, your mobo is now USELESS unless you can replace the BIOS chip. If the BIOS chip is socketed, then you're lucky as long as you can find a replacement (useually go for $10 or something like that). If it's sodered on, it would probably be cheaper just to buy a new mobo (or at least not that much more expensive). BTW what era GeForce cards do you guys have? GeForce 2? Geforce3? And keep in mind Windows 2000 is not game friendly.


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#4 15 years ago

:confused: Hi yes i have the same problem myself. I think it is a problem with windows 2000 and some graphics cards. I installed windows 98 on my computer and used the original drivers with my Geforce 2 MX 32MB card (not the updated ones) and the game works fine. Only thing is that i now need two operating systems on my computer (windows 98 and windows 2000pro) and i only need to use 98 to play AVP2. It is baffling me what the problem is with windows 2000. I have my sound card, USB, microphone etc using IRQ 11 with the graphics card. Would this be a problem? maybe a conflict but i don't know as i don't have the knowlege to change any of these settings. About a year and a half ago i came across this problem with AVP2 and i got a reply with some sort of 3D setting not active on my graphics card. I couldn't enable it and i think it is something to do with the driver for the graphics and win2000. I don't know if anyone can use this information to come up with a solution but if you can use it and find a solution please let us all know here. Otherwise use windows 98 to play AVP2. :uhm:


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3rd May 2004

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#5 15 years ago

Word of advice to all hardcore gamers out there: SCREW WINDOWS2000!! 98 IS MORE COMPATABLE WITH GAMES! I've heard that only maybe 1/3 of your games will actually run on 2000. It's designed for business and shit. Go back to 98 people.