Resident Evil: Afterlife gets new 20120 release 23 replies

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9th June 2009

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#21 9 years ago

Looks a lot like the Matrix. I also love how she has darker hair now. :naughty:


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31st December 2008

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#22 9 years ago
The Climber;5232022Now that would suck, I enjoy going to the theaters, It lets me be able to give full attention to the movie, at home I just get distracted with everything.

Agreed. Movie theatres have them beeeeeeg screens. And popcorn.:)


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#23 9 years ago
Re4_wesker;5288162i'll see it probably just to see how they did with wesker. Aside from that my expectations won't be very high. On a side note, if Wesker must die then i hope he takes Alice with him.

It actually looks somewhat more faithful to the games, but not in a totally shitty way like they did with Apacolypse... Which is a perfect example of why movies should NOT make exact replica's of the game, they come off cheesey and just plain bad.


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21st July 2009

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#24 9 years ago

Who doesn't love Milla. She's pretty much the only reason I watch these films. Although, after seeing that trailer - I may change my tune as this one looks really slick.