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#1 12 years ago

make sure you read all the updates down below

Here you will find the updated rules and a list of popular threads: Popular threads:

-LOST Discussion -Rate the last movie you saw -Battlestar Galactica -What about books? -What If Game(Star Wars Edition) -What If Game(Star Trek Edition)

[COLOR=Red]Rules[/COLOR]: I'd like to keep this simple; you are probably familiar with these rules but please read them anyway to make this forum more fun for everyone. Please take a look at the general forum guidlines.

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General Behaviour Treat other members with the respect they deserve. This means do not flame, slander or demean another user. Members reported for abusing another may be warned for their behaviour and will banned if they persist. This applies to the main forums, the Private Messaging and Email to a Friend facility. Posting Behaviour Please do not spam. There is an appropriate forum set aside for spam, which you can use. Any posts deemed to be off-topic are at risk of being deleted by the forum staff. When you make a post, please ensure it is in the relevant section and is clearly titled. New threads, which are created in the wrong forums, will be moved or closed at the staff’s discretion. Threads with titles deemed to be 'opaque' may also be edited. Refrain from making multiple posts in a row. Use the edit button function as this helps keeping the forums look tidy. Do not post threads in all capitals since this is considered akin to shouting and is not necessary. Do not overuse profanity in your posts. Members who persist in a stream of foul or abusive language risk having their posts edited by the staff or deleted entirely. Repeat offenders will be banned. Advertising and Pornography Advertising of other sites/services or posting links to Pornography is strictly forbidden. The Gaming Forums staff is instructed to remove any breaches they come across and to report them to their seniors. Members advertising or posting porn links will be banned from the forums. Warez & Piracy Requests for warez and warez links will be treated as piracy. This includes requests or provision of CD keys, cracks, serials, and pirated software or movies of any kind. The promotion of peer-to-peer client software is also strictly forbidden. Any member found to be breaching this guideline, will be banned from Gaming Forums permanently. Avatars and Signatures Avatars and Signatures must not contain offensive or distasteful images or slogans (for more information on Nazi imagery, please read this announcement). Avatars cannot be larger than 120 by 120 pixels and the image in your signature cannot be larger than 800 by 160 pixels and one line of standard-sized text . You can, however, also have multiple lines of text if the height of your image is ajusted accordingly. You can also include one so-called userbar (max height is 20 pixels) in your signature instead of text, or you can have up to five userbars but no other image and no text. Additionally, signatures cannot contain more than 300 characters; this includes the various coding available for use. Members who use signatures or avatars, which fall outside of these limits, will have the ability to have an avatar and a signature removed. In addition to that, will also lose the ability to edit their profile for as long as the forum administration sees fit. The Gaming Forums Staff Please ensure you follow the instructions given by the forum staff at all times. The staff works hard to keep Gaming Forums a fun place to be and any disrespect will be result in appropriate punishment for the member concerned. If you have an issue with a Moderator, please consult a Super Moderator privately who will then take action to resolve the dispute. If an escalation occurs, the final decision on the matter will rest with the Forums Administrators.

Flaming - Don't flame. It's as simple as that. If you flame, your posts will be deleted. If the thread exceeds with multiple flames, it will be closed or deleted. Those who continue to so, will be banned.

Piracy - Don't post links to sites with illegal content (warez) or request such links.

You're not a moderator - Absolutely no backseat-moderation. Leave moderating to moderators. If you must you can, in addition to a normal reply to a thread, inform a new member about a rule which he disregarded or encourage him to read this sticky, if you manage to do this in a polite way.

Be constructive - Try to put a bit effort into your posts and threads (don't use one-word-posts, copy-paste information from another website without giving sources or your own opinion.

Spoiled! - Use spoiler-tags when necessary, people don't like to be spoiled don't they?


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[/html][COLOR=Red]update:[/COLOR] -use the edit-button! If you want to answer to two members use the edit-button to copy the second answer into your post. If you double-posted a thread or post you can delete it using the edit-button. If you miss the 30 minutes timeframe to do so you can always PM a moderator and he will gladly help you.

[COLOR=Red]update 2:[/COLOR] Do not abuse threads solely for the purpose of increasing your postcount! Some threads, which should perhaps be moved to other forums because of their nature, stay here to offer you some fun. Do not abuse this or we will delete a number of your messages to decrease your post-count. Try not to post more than once an hour, immediately after one of your other posts or alternating with another user in threads like "what are you currently listening to" and try to keep the relation between your overal postcount and the number of posts in such threads low.

If you have suggestions, questions, don't like the way things are handled, want threads included to this master-sticky or feel lonely and misunderstood just PM me or my fellow entertainment-moderators.


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#2 12 years ago

Hello all,

Here below are some links provided for those who like to be updated with further upcoming films or trailers that have not yet been shown in the theaters.

The best one so far is:

Updates on upcoming films beyond today: | | |

Those who want infomation or reviews on any (almost any) film you want should go and join It is a fantastic site for those movie enthusiasts.

Please do not be afraid to PM me for mistakes, or links that I have missed.

Thanks and have fun.

- Nusent

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#3 11 years ago

[COLOR=Red]Thread Revival Guidelines. [/COLOR] -Do not revive threads over 2 years old, even if your intended post is on topic. It's better to re-create a thread of the same topic than to revive an ancient one. It tends to annoy people when you revive old threads.

Again, these are new rules for the Entertainment forum that will be revised by me and the other mods (or supermods or admins - feel free to add to this post). The thread revival guidelines should be finalized within a short amount of time.

Sincerely, Killer_Kyle GF Forum Staff.

EDIT: The thread cut-off date is now [SIZE="4"]6 months[/SIZE]. Any thread that is revived that is more than 6 months old will be closed. Repeated violations will result in action.

There are special cases where a thread older than 6 months can be revived. Possible threads may include the stickied threads above.