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#1 11 years ago

This is just something that has struck me over the past couple years. Does it seem like we are running out of ideas? For movies, video games, television, music and even books. We are running out of ideas, styles, stories, and themes, and stuff is just starting to get repeated now. Using music as an example, what's next? What sort of music could possibly come along that we haven't already heard yet? Will rock or jazz imply experience a resurgence or is there some new style of music that we have yet to hear?

For movies, it's damn near impossible to create a creative story anymore. Almost everything has been done a hundred times and very rarely does a movie come out anymore that could be considered a classic.

So, is pop culture now doomed to begin repeating itself over and over again or do you think the human mind will manage to remain creative and inspiring?

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#2 11 years ago

I suppose movie writers are in situation where many things have been done before, and thus it makes it all the more difficult to take particular movie genres in any new directions. It doesnt mean they can't make good films that still use old ideas or old concepts, though.

As for music, well, look at it this way. For the last century, the majority of our music has been guitar oriented, closely followed by the synthesiser boom in the 80's that still carries weight today. It could be likely that sometime in the future people will get sick of guitar / synthesiser oriented music, and maybe we'll see some violin oriented music for a few decades. That, and someone might create a whole new style of music to play that slowly becomes popular, like blues or Jazz.

Well, my view is, things will certainly begin to change after 2010. My Grade finishes grade 12 at the end of 2008, and by 2010 we'll have our presence felt. So something most certainly will happen in the 2010 decade that will change everything.