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9th December 2003

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#1 4 years ago

Last weekend after midnight they showed this movie on the TV. It started with a eldery lady being interviewed about her interest in the world war, first and second. She says she liked to watch WW1 and WW2 movies in the cinema. Then we flash back to her youth, somewhere in the UK and her going to work for a legal firm, keeping her knowledge of the German language secret... I figured this must have been in the decade after the war so she could watch some war themed movies in the cinema (must not have been a whole lot).

Later it becomes apparant this flashback is set at the start of the war. Er... okay, I must have missed something... continueing on.. They need a spy in Berlin and she volunteers, okay a bit far fetched but it's a movie. How to get from the US (New York) to Berlin while war broke out? Obviously by plane, those were certainly a common way of transport (the plane looked like something from the 1960... with relatively comfortable passenger seats etc), never mind flying over occupied France... let's forget about all that and ignore it. So they travel from Switserland to Berlin on foot etc. not? Not? Oh, they simply take a train from Zurich to Berlin... Wasn't Switerland neutral and the border closed? Never mind...

Next: Berlin with some fancy James Bond like 1960's era microfilm photograph machine. Are you sure this movie isn't set in the 1960's in some alternative reality? No... alright Miss Bond enters the fish shop... and then we here a modern sirene, it's the police! Yep, police cars back then used to carry electronic sirens (no optical signals yet) , hand operated bells or air horns? Hell no, everbody knows police cars simply must have had a sirene ever since day one... Absolutely not too hard to believe at all... Next stop, get a job at same Nazi's house with high ranking guests and... Damn it's alright far past midnight and this movie is so full crap that it's not worth watching. Time to go to bed....

Just... no. Don't even get me started on the Americans talking German, A real Berlin accent? I don't know what that looks like but I do know American accents when I hear one. :rofl: They should put this movie in the comedy section...

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7th December 2003

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#2 4 years ago

Recently read a story about a real spy (codename Gabo) who convinced the Wehrmacht that the D-Day landings were only a distraction which gave the Allies time to establish a bridge-head.

Why make up bad spy stories when you could make a story about a real spy that has it all?



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11th January 2008

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#3 4 years ago

Well, "Garbo" wasn't exactly such a good liar that he was able convince them of it just like that. The British even produced rubber tanks to move around to fake armies supposedly about to invade Eastern France and Norway... I think there even was a TV film about that guy, at least I vaguely remember seeing one a couple of years back.

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