simpsons vs futurama vs family guy vs south park 54 replies

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#51 14 years ago
Angel_Mommylol.. its christiananity, but like i said, its non-dinominational which means no reall association with any branch

Join us in the Longest Thread Ever if you like. There you can explain me what Christianity has to do with witchcraft if you like :)



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22nd February 2006

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#52 14 years ago

Southpark all the ways!!


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24th October 2005

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#53 14 years ago

Its the.. Family guy! Really good TV show, Simpsons is a classic, and futurama and South Park are hilarious. I voted family guy I seem to enjoy it the most at the moment. It depends on the season. :nodding:


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9th July 2003

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#54 14 years ago

The recent series of Southpark are hilarious.


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#55 14 years ago

Search for the episode The Aristocrats on South Park. Wow. I know. Disturbing.