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#1 1 year ago

I thought the movie was great, good music, sound direction and effects etc.

Made me laugh out loud several times, good comedy moments, maybe tried a little too hard on the comedy at times though. The plot twist was quite obvious when he turned up to take her out on the date and the bad guy answered the door of course.

Some other weird things niggled me too, physics issues like the plane crashing like it did and not immediately erupting into a giant flaming ball of jet fuel.

But other than that, really enjoyed the film!

Edit: Oh, and fuck that second after credits scene.

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#2 1 year ago

Yeah, it was pretty fun except two people in the theater started fighting, so that was a bit of a buzzkill.  I personally think movie theaters should enact a new rule where you turn over your cellphones to the usher and you get an ID ticket before you enter the screening room.  Other than that I enjoyed it.  

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#3 1 year ago

I've heard good things about it but not enough to go see it in theaters.

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