Stargate SG1 9season last ep 21 replies

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#21 14 years ago
Dont start. :lookaround:

hehe ow yes i do :D Mmh i cant wait to see the daedalus in the serie..


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17th July 2003

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#22 14 years ago

I didnt see any Asgard ships get taken out though they were not able to do much damage either.

As for who are the Ori?

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The Ancients are a group of people who left their home system due to political and personel differences. The Ancients who stayed behind are now known as the Ori and have god like powers. Unlike the Ancients who dont believe in interfering in the events of the lesser beings the Ori depend on sucking life energy from their followers, the more followers the more power they have and they appear to have near limitless supply of followers. The Ori are now aware of the existence of other beings and the Ancients due to SG1 activating a ancients device. The Ori are now coming to the Milky Way Galaxy to bring the unbelievers into their force if necessary. So basically you have a race with the same powers as the Ancients hellbent on comquering the Milky Way Galaxy with a religious crusade.