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Once, in a small forum named Runouw.com, there was the admin, Runouw. He had created a few flashes, but then, one day... He made a game named Super Mario 63. That game was very popular for one reason- a Level Designer. Then, a contest was made by Superyoshi(Main Mod, Short Name: Suyo) that determined who was the best Level Designer. It became a trend, and they made the next one. Then, the next one. Today, the 9th LDC(Level Designer Contest) is going on. Everyone knew of a legend called "Raymond". Once, a rereg, spammer, and flamer signed up. He was the worst user that ever had an account. Suyo, and his trusty assistant Niklaw(2nd mod, Short Name: Nik) banned all three of Raymond's accounts. As the story went on, the 2 mods trapped him in a box that was called a mountain. It may be a false story. If not, we would've found that hill by now. Another legend was that on top of Raymond's mountain was a stone that has the future inscripted on it. I walked through an empty field, jolly as can be. I saw a box in the distance. "Could it be-!" I wondered. I ran up to the box, when I saw Fourinone's(A lower type mod, Short name: Four) face carved in that big box. I climbed to the top to see if the legends were true. 10 stones(each chapter is a stone) were on top of the box. Inscripted in the ground was: One day, in the future, the 17th LDC was going on. "I will have a important announcement afterwards!" Runouw announced. Well, it was the last round between StarF(Star Fawful, a well-known member) and a newbie named Danzo, which called himself "Danzo The Mighty" and, of course, I was rooting for StarF. The ring had shortened. it was so short that if you made one mistake, you were down on the ground. First, StarF used a 0 gravity spell, where he was on zero gravity. But no one else. He learned that in the 11th as a finisher. Not one other person could master it, especially where you dont know where to start. Danzo was known for the spell he did after StarF, which is called super black hole beam. it was easy to dodge on zero gravity. After that, it was all over. "Super Black Hole Beam!" StarF shouted. What? he learned it! Just by seeing it over these other rounds, he learned it! Well, that was the most un-exciting round of all. So everyone rejoiced because he won! Danzo lost his title, so he started pouting."Its okay." i said "Your a noob anyway, you should have started training, noob" i told him "Heh. Thats fun to say. NOOB!!" I shouted and everyone started laughing. Then Danzo just had to go emo. "Why would you say that?" he asked while crying " Because its true.now go start a level series or something. Runouw has an announcement." I said. "Most of you may hate this, but Niklaw and Suyo are now regualar members." Runouw announced. Everyone stopped. it was a silence like never before. there has never been a good reason for a dead chat. but this wasnt the chat, anyway. This was the whole site.

CHAPTER 1: THE NEW ERA "Why!?" Super Star X shouted at the top of his longues. "Fine. I will explain everything." Runouw announced "Just let me get the mic-" "Hey, get your hands off me!" MIC told him(that part was for his birthday today). "Well, ill just speak LOUDLY! I GOT A REPORT FROM-" "Could you speak a bit less loud?" Salmo shouted. "Ok! Anyway, as i was saying, I got a report from Worst_master that said: 'I saw suyo and nik flaming and spamming after the 16th LDC.' Then, when no one was on, I got on to find Suyo and Nik double posting and destroying the forums. They did not know i saw them, because i was a guest." Kim had to say something "What are you guys on!? I need some of that stuff!" *B**** slap* "Well, now is everything clear?" MOY asked Kim "What...is...2...plus...2?" Kim barely said. "Your ass!" Chuck Norris said while kicking Kim. "Anyway, the new Global Mods are... Four....and.......... MOY, THE FIRST SUPER VETERAN!!!" Runouw announced. One thing i had noticed but no one else, was that suyo wasnt here. I wonder what they're doing. LUCKY YOU! YOU GET TO KNOW! *Phone Rings* Hello, this is Suyo and Nik, how may we help you?" Suyo said on the phone. "Uh-huh, but theres nothing we can do about that. We were fired." Suyo announced. "WHAT!?" A fimiliar voice said. "Who are you anyway?" Suyo asked. "Im Danzo!" Danzo said. "But thats not important right now, there are spammers and flamers everywhere. Who can help?" "I'll see. You just hold on tight." Suyo told him as he buttoned down his shirt. Nothing was under it. "Ha! You forgot your suit!" Nik said as he buttoned down his shirt.Nothing was there. "WUT?" They both said. "Well, lets just go get them on." Suyo said, while going into his room to change. "Im ready!" Nik yelled. Suyo walked out in a superhero costume with SM on it. "So, which one of us are the side-kick?" Suyo asked. "You are. I mean, come on, whos got a Tavern-" Nik was interrupted by Suyo. "You mean the one that was almost destroyed 7 times. Who has more posts?" Suyo asked. "You. Fine. You are the main guy." Nik admitted. "Alright, lets fly!" Suyo announced. "Ummm...how? I dont have a super power, but you might." Nik Told Suyo. "No, I have a jetpack! Grab that one over there." Suyo said. Nik went to grab the jetpack, while everyone was screaming. "Lets go!!" They flew into battle, and they became known. "Solar Beam!" Nik shouted. Boom went the weasel! "Bomb of power!" Suyo announced while tingling his fingers. There is where it ends. "Thats why i should be the main Superhero..." Nik said silenty "What was that?" Suyo asked. "Nothing, Su- I mean Supermod." Nik answered. CHAPTER 2: RUNOUW? ENEMY? NONSENSE! They floated to the ground. "Is everyone alright?" Nik asked. "Yes, we are all fine." StarF announced." I tried my best to defend them but they were too powerful. By the way, what are your names?" "I am Supermod!" Suyo announced. "I am Supermod Mark 2!" Nik told everyone. "Together we are...SUPERMODS!" They both announced."Perfect..." "Is that Four and MOY?The new mods?" Danzo asked. "Our names are unknown, but you'll see us everyday!" They both announced. Flying off, Suyo told himself "Great, perfect..." They were stopped in their tracks by, non-other than, Runouw. "Four, is that you?" He said pointing at suyo. "We'll never tell! So dont bother asking!" Suyo announced. "What if I were to kill you for the information?" He said while pulling out a sword. "Then would you cough it up?" "No way! I'll never tell-!" Suyo was stabbed. By Runouw himself. "Ha! You thought that would work? Superheros ALWAYS have metal plates under their shirts." Suyo announced. "Hmmmm...I'll just have to do it the old fashioned way." He said while charging up a Death Bomb. "DIE!" "Whoa!" They both said. "Hey, are you trying to kill us? Dont answer that..." Suyo said. "Wait! Supermod, the Runouw.com users!" Nik shouted. Runouw gave Suyo an evil look. He shot it right back. " Go help them. This is my fight." He said. "O-o-okay, I'll go save them." He said as he zoomed to the fight between Spammers and Good. "I've always looked for a fight between you and me. This will be fun." Suyo announced. They got in a fight that could go on forever. Blood splattered. The fight happening between Spammers and Good was stopped. It stopped when the fight started. No one had ever seen anything like it. So everyone started cheering. It was strange to see Good and Good fight. No one knew who to root for. The fight went into history as the best fight ever. But Suyo's jetpack had bad timing on running out of gas. "WAHHHHHH!" Suyo screamed. That didnt stop the fight. They started it over again as soon as Suyo hit the ground. Runouw won, of course. He won much more easy than last time they fought. It was strange. Runouw flew off without a word. Suyo had major injurys. Nik and Suyo went to the hospital. Nik asked if they could do surgery without different clothes. They accepted. Suyo came out of the Doctor's room. He was still in his same clothing but they were covered in blood. Now, I should probably get to Runouw. "I'm back." Runouw said. "I've killed the Superhero named Supermod, as a test." "Good...then why do i still feel his presence?" A voice said "I didn't really kill him, because I've found a use for him with the 'plan'" Runouw told the man. "How could we use a stupid superhero in our plan?" He said as he flicked smoke of his cigar. "We could use him as the 'bait' we were talking about." Runouw said. "I see... Tell 'him' its time." The man demanded. He got up out of his chair and his face was shown: emotawesomepm9.gif So, it was Four. Well, thats great! New villain... Runouw walked to an area that looked like a big box. "You're free to go." He said as he shot the box. "I'm free, hmmm? After you thinking this long while you let me go." A voice said. "Yes, Raymond. Go test your new powers on the mods. I have become one of you." Runouw demanded. "Fine... Who is your leader? You just wouldn't turn evil for no reason." Raymond asked after destroying a rock by looking at it. "Fourinone has my control. Yours too." Runouw told him. "Tsk. I don't take orders from anyone. Time for your death." Raymond announced while battling him. Another battle happened. Insanity. Raymond played around with Runouw before killing him. He slapped him through the forest. He kicked him around easily. Suyo and Nik jumped into the scene. "We're going to have to do... it." Suyo told Nik. "Alright *Reads manuel* Hmmmm..." Nik Said. "Ok, lets do Kulo." Nik announced while Raymond didn't noticed. They put their hands up. "KUUUUU..." They said. "...LOOOOOOOO!!!!" They announced. A warrior appeared above them. They fell, but not the warrior. The warrior looked like them. "I'm Ultramod!" He announced through the Mic. "Get your hands off the MIC!" Mic said. "Oh, sorry. Anyway, You're going down-" Ultra stopped. "-Raymond? I thought you were locked up!" Sunik said. "Lets say someone who starts with an R and is in my hands being choked. Who is it?" Raymond joked. "hmmmmm..." Ultra thought. "...Oh, I got it! Runouw! "...Idiot...Yes, thats correct. So, you're a mix of Mark 1 and Mark 2 together, hmmmmm? Well, this should be fun." Raymond said. "Well, looks like you'll be going down hard, hmm?" Ultra asked. "I can guess who you are... Superlaw." Raymond announced. CHAPTER 3: FRIEND'S WHEREABOUTS "What?! How do you know this?! My costume is on!" Superlaw said. "Tsk... I've heard 'Supermods' were saving the forums. Only 2 mods were on Runouw.com..." Raymond answered. "... But I have been unleashed. There is nothing you can do now." "Super Black Hole Beam!" StarF said. Raymond dodged easily. "You'll never hit me with low-life attacks like that!" Raymond chuckled. Just then, I was at the tavern, depressed because of Suyo and Nik being demoted. "Gimme a beer!" I demanded. Buff went to get some, then... well, BOOM! An explosion off in the distance. SF was there with Me and we went outside to see what all the commotion was. We only saw a meteor and understood. SM63 was just mixed in the forums. Mario ran past me and I said "Can I have your autograph before we die?" "Oh yeah!" He replied. "But first i need to learn how to type!" Then, I ran away as Mario learned how to type. "Dammit... *huff* I wanted an *huff* autograph *huff* so bad *huff*!" I told SF. Buff ran past Me, and you know what? He was going at the speed of light saying "We're out of beer, sorry!" "You think He noticed the meteor yet?" SF asked. "Not a chance, if hes going that fast, We're just out of beer." I answered as we ran up to a Factory in the middle of nowhere. "Whats that?" I asked. "GT's factory!" SF answered. "GT might be able to help us... Maybe. As long as Hes not as stupid as Mario, We're as good as Obama. Get EVERYTHING He wants..." "Lets just go, We haven't got any time for this." I said as we entered. I then heard some mysterious Music... music from... Keytar Hero! "Uh... well... I guess... We could... Rock?" SF said. "This is the end of Runouw's Forum. The end of our accounts. We can't just rock in this situation." I stated. "Fine. Lets split up. We'll find Him easier that way." SF said. Buff just got to SF's Supermarket to buy beer for the tavern, but he wasn't thinking, now was he? "I need some beer!" Buff anounced. "Here you go." YK said. Buff quickly paid, and then he went outside and saw the meteor. "I don't remember that being there..." Buff thought, until he saw a mirror in a strange building. He looked at it. He cocked his head, then the mirror filled with darkness, and the mirror broke. (That is a scene from Megaman -1, My game) "Hello, My Friend. Would you like a battle?" a dark Buff that came out of the mirror said. "Don't be afraid." He said as he cracked his neck. "SSBE?" They suddenly appeared as Themselves in SSBE (Character Designer). They made a battle of remarkable strength. "Why is there so many things that are unfimiliar here?!" He said as he got uppercutted. "YAAAAAAAH!" Buff said as he kicked Dark Buff out of the ring. "YES-! Wait, how am I gonna get out of here?!" He screamed. Strange thing, Kim and Salmo got together. "Hey, I'm better than you! I'm a bad guy in this game anyway!" Kim told Salmo. They were in Raymond's Return. "I beat you though!" Salmo said before they noticed a body in the river they were near. "Huh? That sort of looks like Runouw! Hes pretty scarred up, it seems. I'll heal him, but could you go find some Herbs?" "Fine. Only for Runouw's sake." Kim said before running off looking through the woods. Salmo Inspected the scars."Huh? Is that... A mind control chip? Lets see..." Salmo took it off of Runouw's head. After a few minutes, Salmo figured out what was going on. Four was controlling Runouw, and the rest of Runouw's memory while he was controlled. "Forced to demote Suyo and Nik?! This explains a lot." "Hey, whats going on?" Kim asked with Herbs in His hands. Salmo showed Kim what happened. "We have to tell Everyone." Salmo announced while healing Runouw. "Where are we, Portal?" SSX asked. "Yeah... The Flash Version. I can remember this place... *Sigh* Wait- That means portal guns!" W_M announced. "Look, here they are! Two perfect portal guns!" SSX said while they grabbed the guns. "Lets get this level done with." W_M said while both of them used Portals to get to the exit. "These are gonna get REALLY hard. If we beat them, surely we won't get cake, but we will get out of here and hear an epic ending." SSX said when he went through the door. "We... are already out?" They moaned. "No epic music..." SSX said. "... No cake. Not even a boss-" W_M said as a huge robot walked through the facility. "I stand corrected." MoY was in the Supermarket, and YK was there too. "Hey, how much is this toilet paper?" MoY asked. "On sale. $3." YK replied as Mario was outside, and he just learned how to type. He opened the door with scars on his face and said "I learned how to type! Yay!" He then fell to the ground. Then YK and MoY saw what was going on out there. A dark hole(Ball Revamped) took the meteor inside it. YK and MoY gave each other a "This is gonna be fun" look. Everyone now had their attention on the Black Hole. "I'm sure everyone must gather there." Salmo said while hopping through the forest. "I guess we should kick his ass, and head toward the black hole, right?" W_M asked. SSX nodded. "If I could get off of this thing without breaking any bone in my body, I could make it there." Buff said. "SF?! Where are you?! We should go towards the big, deadly, Black Hole!" I screamed. " *Sigh* What am I gonna do with you?" SF asked. "Dunno." I replied. Everyone else was still at the 17th LDC. "Do not worry, and don't cry!" Four said through the MIC as Danzo was crying. "Get ya hands off the prize, I know how much you want to touch it, but this prize is for a girl with problems- I mean issues- I mean awesomeness!" MIC said epically. CHAPTER 4: RAYMOND'S POWERS Back at the fight, Raymond was using his first move. "Re-----reg...!" Raymond said. "...Power!" Suddenly, Raymonds started appearing everywhere. "Wrath Force!" They said, making thousands of tornadoes. Superlaw easily dodged. One person they forgot about was on the ground, where no one saw him... except Raymond. Making haste, Raymond made a hostage situation. He grabbed StarF and layed out levels He made while imprisoned. Somehow, he used the rest of his powers to make all the Shines make a shield around him. Superlaw had to get every Shine in his levels. Thankfully, all of them weren't spammed levels. "What?! Its not spammed tiles/items like I made it!" Raymond whispered. Suddenly, Runouw's spirit talked to Superlaw. "I've been editing all these levels as the years came. I knew he would use all his power to do this." "There are... 268 levels?!" Superlaw announced. "Ah... What you can do in your spare time..." Raymond shrugged.