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13th July 2004

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#1 15 years ago

Well, who has seen this film, and did anyone understand the ending? I dispise films that don't complete the story, although this film was good in terms of action and gore, along with the storyline, I just didn't get the ending (after she nailed that 2nd to last girl then ran). First you see her get out, get in one of those Jeeps (though, I would have personally chosen the other one as it looked more trendy), then she drove out onto the main road, pulled up, got beeped at by a lorry, puked up, then she turned back to see one of her dead friends sat in the passanger seat. Then we have her going straight back to the cave where she is sat looking at her dead daughter with a cake (this part is in her mind), though is she still in the cave, or did she escape? Other opinions on this film are also welcome mind.