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#1 13 years ago

Yes, i didnt believe it at first, but its true Dolphs back in his directorial debut called "the defender". Okay so not the coolest title, but i actually got to watch thie movie thanks to a certain promo dvd from my sister at umvd; and i was simply blown away(suprisingly) by this movie. The story goes like this: president of the nsa is missing so dolph and his security team must find her before the terrorists do. A little on the weak side but i think the action scenes completely make up for this, as it definately keeps you on your tones. On top of that the cinematography reminded me alot of Saving Private Ryan, and the action cam follows the action nicely. Anyways the street dates the 18th but if you guys want to check out the movie for yourselves search If theres any lundgren fans out there id love to hear what you think. Later