Tom Hardy is Bane and Anne Hathaway is Catwoman 6 replies

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19th September 2008

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#1 7 years ago

So the The Dark Knight Rises latest casting news is in:

Tom Hardy (played Eames the forger in Nolan's last film, Inception) has been cast as Bane, and Anne Hathaway (the lovely girl from next door) has been cast as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman.

Here's a news link to the story

I don't mind Tom Hardy as Bane, looks like he and Nolan will have a new and interesting direction for the character. But Hathaway as Catwoman...I just don't know. I can't say it's exciting me...but we can't forget many said the same thing about Ledger doing the Joker. Many criticized that casting choice and voiced how they could never see Heath play such a role. Well, that criticism was definitely silenced. Even those who didn't like the film recognized Ledger's surprise performance as the joker as cinematic gold. Maybe it will be the same with Anne. Best supporting Actress anyone?????

What do ya'll think???

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17th July 2006

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#2 7 years ago

<_< I hope they dont make Bane an idiot like they did the last time they used him.

His character in the Comics is actually very smart.




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7th January 2011

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#3 7 years ago

Whoa. Talk about losing the Disney image. :naughty:


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15th November 2003

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#4 7 years ago

Anne Hathaway in a skin tight suit? yes please.


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#5 7 years ago

I really agree with Hardy as Bane, I think he could make a really good villan. As for Hathaway, I'm kind of iffy, I think she could either do it really good or fall flat.



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21st January 2011

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#6 7 years ago

I'd agree with the casting of Tom Hardy. I'd would also agree with your opinions Anne Hathaway. In some films, Hathaway does a good enough job for her roles, but she isn't one of my favourites, and she doesn't seem to have the personality to fit catwomen, in my opinion. She very well could be exactly like Heath Ledger and surprise us all, but I would say that to be highly unlikely. As for best supporting actress, I really don't think so.


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14th July 2004

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#7 7 years ago

I'm pretty much in agreement with you guys here. I think Tom Hardy will fit the role of Bane well. Not seeing Anne Hathaway as Catwoman though. Just can't picture her pulling off the role.