What are some Actually Good Nic Cage movies? 4 replies

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9th October 2007

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#1 2 weeks ago

We all know NOT THE BEES AHHH AHHTRGHHBLWUHARGH MY EYES MY EYES AAAHH  and the plane wreck that was Left Behind.

But what about some actually good Nicolas Cage movies? I've read somewhere (possibly Cracked) that the guy got himself into massive debt because of obnoxious spending, and thus nowadays takes any roles. Whether or not that's true; I'm not here to judge or anything, would I to  become a successful rock star, I would probably not spend my fortune on medieval castles I would probably spend it on psychedelic drugs, but I doubt I would keep myself from over-endulging every now and then. But he has some pretty terrible performances on his resume. I would however argue that it comes down to shitty directing. I loved the guy in Lord of War, and he did a pretty good job in Con Air (Even tho the plot of that one feels a lil over the top, but it's still a classic).

 So what are y'all's take on some Nic Cage gems? What about John Travolta? One cannot just ignore Battlefield Earth, but the dude is a talented actor. Personal guilty pleasure: Look Who's Talking.

Fun fact: I got caged in high school one time. My bff then had a copy of my locker key because I'd ocasionally forget my keys so she'd keep one just in case and one time I got to my locker after lunch, and the outside was covered in Nicolas Cage and so was the inside. There was nicolas cage in my textbooks.


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#2 2 weeks ago

It's been years since I've seen it, and I'm an avid hater of Nic Cage...but I seem to remember Weatherman being good?

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#3 2 weeks ago

Depends on your definition of "good".

The National Treasure movies are an entertaining watch but I wouldn't call them "good" movies in the same way I'd call others.

Face/Off is an interesting concept but also not what I'd call "good".

The Rock is also another entertaining one.

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#4 2 weeks ago

I have been meaning to see The Weather Man.

9mm was one of his best ones, IMO.  Very dark movie.

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#5 2 weeks ago

All of them.

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