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I didn't make it!

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#51 12 years ago

From what my friend told me I expected more from it... :\


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1st November 2005

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#52 12 years ago

If i'm correct there was also something like this : Immortals? We'll put their names to the test !!! P.S. Fuck that historically correct - this was historically correct GORE !!! If any1 interested in history lesson :), linky from me : Leonidas I - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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23rd May 2006

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#53 12 years ago
Sovereign001;3728414 Just a supermovie! I love it and i find that everyone should see this movie for history in school :D

besides the nudity and sex scenes, it would be perfect for school!


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11th May 2009

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#54 12 years ago

^ LOL. Yup Sin City gone retro?