What is the largest object a starship can beam ? 1 reply

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8th April 2004

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#11 12 years ago


Hello Akula long time no see


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24th June 2005

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#12 12 years ago

Yeah, I've been busy processing data from a recent research cruise. Here's some pictures from the cruise.



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#13 12 years ago

In the realm of ST fantasy…anything you want…in reality probably nothing bigger than this computer I’m typing on…according to physics it would take an enormous amount of energy to accomplish zipping an object from A to B. But hey, if you can harness enough anti-matter to drive a ship for 20 years who knows…scientists using the world’s largest particle accelerator outside of Chicago half less than a eighth gram of anti-matter stored and they’ve been collecting for 30 sum years!


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17th July 2003

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#14 12 years ago

In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine there was the episode where Several Industrial size replicators were stolen.

I think it would entirely depend on the power source and the size of the dematerializer and the size of the data buffer.


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25th March 2005

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#15 12 years ago

yep, and thanks saquist but i think im going to get promoted within the following 50 or 100 posts.. ive been already a long time a lieutenant, but you are captain!! congrats!AAH it just went to lieutenant commander!


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#16 12 years ago

I would imagine that not only would it depend on the power available and the storage space, but it would also depend on whos at the controls, we've seen senior officers shoveing Transporter operators out the way for small things like people so I would expect anything smaller than the approximate mass of the transportee.


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#17 3 weeks ago

I think it depends on the plot: So let it be written, so let it be done.

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#18 3 weeks ago

2 pages, 12 years, and not a single mom joke. Whoa.

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