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16th February 2004

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#101 16 years ago

So far, its either Star Wars Episode 1-2, maybe 3 when I see it, Full Metal Jacket, or Dodgeball.


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16th July 2003

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#102 16 years ago

Favorite movies of all time

1) Return of The King - Greatest movie ever made. Favorite scene was a tie between when whats Eowyn amd Merry defeated the Nazgul in single combat and when Legolas climbed the War Elephant and took it down and then jumped off like it was no big deal and Gimli yells "That still only counts as one!"

I am also eagerly awaiting for them to get done with and release "The Hobbit"

2) Bladerunner - Original version with narration. For me the narration complemented the tone and atmosphere perfectly

3) Matrix - It was original and it was good and I had no idea what it was about when I went to see it.


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8th July 2004

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#103 16 years ago

The Matrix was definetely a good one...very original...I saw Apocalypse Now recently. Different ideas about it :\ some parts were good, while others weren't...

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23rd May 2004

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#104 16 years ago

Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone who disses that movie needs to be shot, and yes dolly stargate was an awsome movie, im dissapointed by the tv shows though they are liek an alternat universe to the movie, as everything is so different... but none the less it still is a good show

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29th June 2003

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#105 16 years ago

My favourite is The Godfather.......and The Godfather part 2 and 3........and i liked scarface.........most of my friends don't like the godfather becuse they don't have the patience to watch it all........maybe because we're 14 i dunno....but when i first saw Marlon Brando's acting i loved it


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5th September 2004

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#106 16 years ago

Don't make me chose just one!!:bawl: One of these, :bows: 12 monkeys , Fifth element, It, Christine, Langoliers, Night of the living dead, Independence Day, Evil dead series, Kill Bill series, Airheads, Hellraiser, Akira, Transformers the movie, The Island of Dr.Monroe, Hackers, Lost in Space, Total Recall, Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, National Lampoons Vegas Vaction, and Escape from NY & LA.:bows:

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6th January 2005

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#107 16 years ago

Indipendance Day waws an Ok film...Bad Boys the original was better. (In my view) And yes, Stargate was a good movie, and so is the TV show :cool: My favourite movies would have to include the following:

  • Black Hawk Down
  • Bad Boys
  • The Matrix Trilogy
  • Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
  • Star Wars Trilogy (The originals)

A lot of people seem to not like the matrix movies much, for whatever reason. I think they are enriched with meaning and deep philosophical views. Wonderful movies.

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26th May 2003

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#108 16 years ago

Starship troopers; it's got nearly everything a good film should have: Hot girls, drill instructors, deployment on a fleet level, freaky alien bug things, romance, killing, martial music, and best of all rampant Nazi imagery. :thumbsup: