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#1 13 years ago

Hey Again,

I got sick of the same old staffs looking like a regular stick that you pick up off the ground. So I decided to make a new staff using the origional and adding a jewel at the top and I want to change the textures the only problem is I'm not sure how to get 3ds Max to export the model so that the textures are intact. I used the Material Editor to apply a new look then when I export it the Texture Replacer shows no textures and when I get the staff in game it is all black. If anyone knows a better way to apply textures in 3ds Max so that they export to .dds files and show up properly I would appreciate the help. I am somewhat familiar with 3ds Max but not even close to fully proficient. I do have the dds plugin for 3ds max.

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#2 13 years ago

actuallly the material library in 3ds max doesnt do anyhting in oblivion whatsoever. if you want to put it into oblivion oyull have to either UV map the edited model or make a new one by moving the vertices around on the original (or any oblivion model)