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#1 13 years ago

So I was playing a few minutes ago and I thought to myself, "Why can't my character wear more than 2 rings, she does have 10 fingers after all." Well I know that most of you are thinking that wearing more than 2 rings (or 10 for that matter) would be cheap and take off a lot of the difficulty. But anyway I think it'd be cool if someone could make a mod that allows you to wear more rings and maybe even select the amount of rings your character could wear. Hope someone will take this idea and run with it....oh and if there's already such a mod then please tell me where to find it.


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7th May 2004

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#2 13 years ago

There's only one way to do this, which will remove the limit on how many they can wear. You see, when characters in Oblivion put on armor, clothing, or rings, the new object will either replace the old mesh(in the case of most armor.) or be overlayed upon the old mesh(Such as open helmets or rings) so you can still see the old mesh underneath. In the case of rings, there's one node on each hand which a ring can be placed on. So when you put a ring on, the game will at random pick the node for either the left or the right hand to display it on. When both nodes are full, you cannot add another ring, because there's no where to put it. But you can remove the Rings requirements of those nodes. In the Construction Set, you can set it so the rings don't use a hand node, or any node at all. Now when you wear a ring, because it's not putting it on the hand node, it's not filling up the hand node. So the game allows you to add another ring. The catch is, you can't see the rings on your character anymore, because it's not putting the rings on the node. I've seen a mod that does this on TESSource, so you should look there. Just search for Unlimited Rings or something along the lines of that.