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18th February 2008

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#1 12 years ago

Greetings all,

A few days ago, I downloaded a mod for Oblivion called "Midas Spells", which is simply amazing. A few of the custom spells, causes enemy creatures & NPC's to be blown around, as though pushed via a semi-transparent shimmer effect. To fully understand what i'm talking about, you need to either play the mod & try out the spells, in particular the "Force" based spells or watch them on Youtube. The ending result is an interesting display of "ragdoll" effects.

To anyones knowledge, are there any other such mods that follow in such a manner? I tried the Bow & Arrow mod that causes enemies to fly to the moon when hit, are there any others similar?

Would it be hard to make an enemy go flying like that, once you delivered the finishing blow, either via a melee weapon attack or spell?

Are there any mods that have spells or "actions" in game that enable you to "grab" an enemy somehow & then to throw them about? In a sick kinda way, I would get a kick out of being able to grab an enemy NPC, and then be able to throw them into the nearest wall or boulder.

I also noticed that most, if not all creatures & NPC's, can be dropped from pretty high up, yet will suffer very little damage. Do any mods make falling more "Realistic". Again, to be able to hit an enemy with either a weapon or spell and to be able to control them, ala Gravity Gun from HL2 enabled you to do.

Thanks in advance for any & all info & to all you moders, keep up the excellent work!