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So I'm trying to make my first mod. I'm finding it quite the pain in the ass!


The above image is a retexture I did of the Elven Longsword, turning it into some cliche' "Dark Elf Sword" of which there are probably a billion already. Whatever, I'm only doing this mod for the experience.

So I edited the mesh of the blade a little and redid the textures.

I gave all the NIF and DDS files folders in the correct locations, and even made a little icon for the sword. I used NIFSkope to apply the texture to the weapon.

Once in TESConst.Set, I created an ESP for the sword (all I did was create an entry for it in the "weapons" menu as "DElfSword"), basing it obviously on the Elven Long Sword which it is almost identical to.

I showed it where the model was, showed it where the icon was. Good!

I placed it in game using the render window. Sweet, things were looking good.

I went in-game to the place I put it, enabling the ESP, and it was just sitting there. But when I went up to the thing, I couldn't grab it :mad:

What the hell?

I had placed it in the great hall on a table, in cloudruler temple. Everything else on the table I had placed it upon, including the table itself had plain vanished, leaving it floating in the air unable to be moved or grabbed.

So, I went back to TESConst.Set. I noticed other objects on tables had some parent somethingorother entry, and some cell entry. So I set those to the correct interior area and table - but after I had done this, it failed to show up period - not even floating there like before.

I am super confused. It has all the required files set up fine, and an entry as a weapon. Does it need another entry somewhere else as a 'grabby thing'? @_@

Why did it cause surrounding objects to dissapear?

I'd really appreciate help from experienced modders here. I think I kinda jumped in at the deep end!

A link to my mod (which is broken) can befound just here: -- - free file hosting --

If someone wants to take a look for me!