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9th November 2005

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#1 10 years ago

I have been working on my own LOTR mod for quite some time now and I would really like to get some help, or ,because I now know that others are doing this, would like to join a group. I have started working on some of the Main char. and armour also, along with buffs, weapons, ect. So far i have made it so when you create a new character it asks you if you want to stay in prison or go to Middle Earth. If you choose to stay the game carries on as if you just purchased it. If you choose to go to Middle Earth you first must choose a LOTR race and then it will send you to that races designated area, ie hobbits go to the shire, Men of Gondor start out at Gondor, and so on. I may even make an atempt to make a UriKiah Race or a new Orc/Gobblin race, that way you can fight against the other forces, I'm not quite sure how that's going to turn out but it's a good idea I believe. I have another idea of actually allowing you to take the place of one of the hobbits, as a little gift for gamers, or even just allowing you to travle along with them. If you have any information on other groups working on this mod, I would really like to get ahold of them so we can talk, preferibly the one "in charge". AND if you need any conformation of any past modding experience or just want to know why my name is the way it is, check the page for battlefront mods at starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com and search for Episode V: Hoth, that was my first map I have ever created, the others were mere boredum and lack of ideas.:) Email: [EMAIL="jakeg1991@msn.com"]jakeg1991@msn.com[/EMAIL] Elderscrolls.filefront.com: Void_Hunter starwarsbattlefront.filefront: Battlefront_conquer

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5th August 2007

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#2 10 years ago

Add me to your msn: [EMAIL="cn-revan@hotmail.com"]cn-revan@hotmail.com[/EMAIL], we should talk. I'm part of the largest nonfreezed lotr mod for Oblivion, Merp, Middle Earth Roleplaying (team leader: the grey wizard). Talk to me if you want to join us. And don't worry about the curriculum, I know you from the Battlefront community.