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#1 14 years ago

Hi folks, I come with an offering of we need Modders/texture artists for the mod Imperial Goverment mod.

This mod expands on the end of the game and adds a deep story with great npc actors and makers.

All we need is YOU! Yes YOU! We need any and all modders in any kind of work for a mod. Such as the following openings

WRITERS! Roles that are being recruited for in the writing department;

Character Writers - Developing NPC bios and characterisation

Dialogue Writers - Responsible for writing all of the spoken dialogue in the game

Book Writers - Writes.... books....

Modelers! Hey as new Modeling Department supervisor I am asking for the following!

Modelers: People that create rooms and buildings for the mod.

Skinners: Need these bad, They create skins for the mod.

NPC Modelers: People that Create Npc's.


Hurry and join the mod at....

And go to the recurment ad and post what you can do for us!

Thanks for lisening, Mano Head of modeling