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#1 11 years ago

I have been fiddling around with the OBSE commands trying to create some spell scripts that alter the caster's equipped weapons, improving weapon damage, reach, or speed, as flavour requires. However, I have encountered some problems, a; The commands that I am using (ModWeaponDamage, ModWeaponSpeed and ModWeaponReach) seem to alter every instance of that weapon, leading to some odd AI behaviour (especialy with reach alterations) in addition to the unwanted global improvement. and, b; unequipping effected weapons, or casting the spells when no weapon is equipped seems to block the un/equipp animation freezing the players arm as if in mid swing (i.e. you cant un/equipp and trying to change weapons in the inventory results in "you cannot change weapons while attacking"), I made a quick hack and blocked the 'F' key (the un/equipp key in my setup) while the script is in effect, this seems to work, but seems very ugly to me. in short, does anyone have any ideas of what i'm doing wrong, or alternate ways of getting the same effect. I was wondering if I could use some of the cloning functions to circumvent the first problem, and I'm willing to live with the second problems current solution. Thanks for any replies.