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#1 10 years ago

Hello. Im new here and I joined because I was interested in learning how to mod and create new content, and also because I am interested in user created content. This is probably common knowledge around here, but how do you go about obtaining quests and mods from other users? Im interested in playing new quests that other users created.


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#2 10 years ago

That's a fairly simple matter, just go to one of the fine sites, either, [COLOR=seagreen]Elderscrolls Files[/COLOR], [COLOR=seagreen]Planet Elderscrolls[/COLOR], [COLOR=seagreen]Elric Melnibone[/COLOR], or [COLOR=seagreen]TESNexus[/COLOR]. If you want house mods, then [COLOR=seagreen]Oblivion Real Estate[/COLOR], is the place to get it. If you have a good computer, then you can get graphical upgrades at [COLOR=seagreen]Oblivion Texture Overhaul[/COLOR]. There's a really good list of 'A grade' mods, at [COLOR=seagreen]Aelius28's list of Recommended mods[/COLOR], and [COLOR=seagreen]Unofficial Elderscrolls Pages Must Have Mods[/COLOR]. And finally, if you want to create mods, then there are many great tutorials at the [COLOR=seagreen]Elderscrolls Construction Set Wiki[/COLOR]. You should also visit [COLOR=seagreen]Bethesda's Official Page[/COLOR], to get the latest [COLOR=seagreen]Patches[/COLOR], links to the [COLOR=seagreen]Official mods[/COLOR](They cost money.) and the [COLOR=seagreen]Elderscrolls Construction[/COLOR] set, which you will need for most, if not all of your mods. Hope that helps, and make sure to send your mods to Elderscrolls Files when they're done! :D