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#1 12 years ago

*AHEM* There is a mod coming out not so soon called Project SCL! (speckled chicken land) But DO NOT judge it by the name! We are looking 4 new members especcialy dungeon makers, landscape designers, 3D modellers and textures with experience in photoshop, nifscope and other tools for making textures or meshes, other positions are good scripters, AI designers:will need experience in making script related AI. For storyline PM TheFly01! I will tell u if u are worthy:bows: ! Team : The Fly Some Guy Septim741 St Delyn Shadow 91 The Buzz(Soon to be kicked 4 lack of work!:lol: ) If u wanna join the team PM TheFly01 BUT will need sample of ur work. :deal: If hav any ideas or comments about mod plz post here. Here is a link for a more updated forum go here And for a beta download go here: