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Hello Everyone,

It is with great pleasure, and a little relief, to announce the release of Windfall.

Windfall is a large adventure or quest mod where the player’s actions and choices help determine the course and outcome of the stories. To complete the mod, a player will play through a minimum of 38 quests and a maximum of 52 quests.

Windfall does require a player to figure some things out on their own. Except for the initial quest, no quest markers are used. If that isn’t your style of play, then you should skip this mod.

Windfall was created using the original vanilla version of Oblivion. As long as you have Oblivion installed, you can play Windfall.

The download is a zipped file consisting of five files:

Windfall.esm – This is the core mod Windfall.esp – This bridges the Windfall.esm and the Oblivion.esm Windfall.bsa – This is the resource files used by the mod. Windfall_Readme.txt – This is the readme. Windfall_Map.jpg – This is a printable version of the map of Windfall.

The Windfall.esm, Windfall.esp, and Windfall.bsa need to be Oblivion’s Data Folder.

The Windfall.esm and Windfall.esp need to be checked in the Data Files.

To start the mod simply go to the Imperial City’s Market District, Windfall will come to you.

All the above is included in the readme.

The mod is designed so you can play straight from the starter dungeon, which is how it was tested. It should scale to you character if you use a higher level character, with some exceptions, most notably the rewards. If you use a mod that alters or slows the leveling system, you may want to get a few levels on your character before beginning the mod.

Additional information can be obtained on our Web Site

We will keep an updated version of our readme, credits, etc on our forums

The mod is currently available for download Here