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#1 9 years ago

Hey everyone, well I played through most of the original content back when Oblivion was first released. And it was EPIC!!! Anyway, a friend of mine recently gave me his Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isle's discs so I reinstalled Oblivion, and all the content on both discs. I haven't yet started playing, but I was wondering if anyone out there might suggest some good mods to heighten my game playing experience.

What I'm looking for in mods: -Quests: Quest chains are a lot of fun, preferably quests that actually show up in quest log and are fun to play.

-Guilds: I'm really hoping their are some good guild mods out there. I love being able to play through guild chains and I like looking at the title on my stats page. So hopefully the guild mod you suggest gives stats page updates.

-Environment: I love the way Oblivion looks, however, I wish that it were more "alive" I hate running around and either a) never running into other travelers on the roads, b) rarely seeing wildlife, and c) never seeing anyone else engaging in combat.

-Cities: Needs more life, maybe some more realism. Such as lights at night in buildings, guards that are less crime sensitive, in other words, if I'm in a back alley, and no one is around, I should be able to kill the homeless man in one hit without the guards showing up.

-Any mod that doesn't take away from the game but enhances the experience.

-Crafting: Mods that add the ability to craft more items would be very cool too, I would love to be able to collect raw materials like bones for example and use them as arrows or other types of weapons.

-Skins: A lot of the skins in game I think are rather... unpolished. So if anyone could recommend a good skin pack to update the look of people including the actual player, that would be great.

Well thanks for reading. I know it's rather long, but I figured the best way to get the best help is to be somewhat specific. There are a few mods I am using now and they are:

-Better Imperfect Water -Brighter Torches -nVidia Black Screen Fix -P1D Key Chain -WCGL - Wilderness Creatures 1.1

Thanks for the help!!!

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#2 9 years ago

Oh also, is there an easy way to clean the data folder of installed mods... more specifically, if a mod required me to place a Meshes, Textures, or Menus folder, can I just delete those folders and the mod or will that be a problem. Thanks for the help.

Also, does anyone know of a mod or mod project that opens Morrowind so that one can travel to and from Morrowind? If there are only projects I'd be more than willing to help out to some degree. Once again, thanks a lot!

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#3 9 years ago

I think vanilla oblivion wasn't that great, the main story line was too short and basicly all of the side quests were more of the same without too much depth. Mods were a must for me while playing Oblivion.

Mods I recommend are:

Ren's beautifull people pack (lots of new skins, hairs etc) Volengrad castle Darkbortherhood listeners chamber The Necromancer (adds Necromancers as a faction that you can get along with, guild is also included with good story line) Kvatch restoration (adds realism as kvatch will be slowly rebuilt after the kvatch quest, you can even become count and start building there.) Darkness Everlasting (adds more realistic vampires,werewolves and liches to the game)

Hope you enjoy your second playthrough, I had about five before I ran out of mods.

PS. Most of the mods I got from planet elder scrolls, don't have the files themselves anymore so I can't link em.


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#4 9 years ago

If you cant find them at planet elder scrolls, try, many more mods there, including two others I'd recommend:

Natural Environments (this mod has several modules so its very customizable, it improves weather, it adds more wildlife, better looking water, can make forests look more dense) Better Cities (greatly improves the looks of all the cities, but be warned, you will need a beefy computer to use this without too much of a drop in frames per second)

Those are just two off the top of my head, If I can remember specific ones, I'll post them. ;)


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#5 9 years ago

Here are some mods I recommend: Fatality Cam:This mod lets you see yourself after you die for 5 minutes, and I definitely recommend it. IWR (Illumnation Within revived): Makes windows in cities and towns glow at night. No Psychic Guards: Much more realistic guards. Cyrodiil Terrain map: colored map. Oblivion Symphonic Variations: Adds more music to the game, definitely worth getting. There are some good mods by Giskarduk, including one that lets you rebuild Kvatch. Really AEVWD: This lets you see more LOD so you can see forts etc from a greater distance. It also makes cities look better from a distance. If your computer can handle it then get Qarls Texture pack, but your computer would have to be very good to handle it. You might want to get Oblivion Script Extender.