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#1 10 years ago

well i havent glanced at my imperial estate mod in quiet some time, much less thought about oblivion. so now that im starting the game up im thinking of finalizing my mod by making afew scripts

background of what i have in mind :

What i want to do is a general buff script. Similar to what they have done in the wizard's tower mod (frost craig spiar). although i want 1, a alchemy buff on one object and 2 a repair buff and something that adds a repair hammer that doesnt break.

I was thinking of approaching this several ways, when i looked at the script of wizard's tower and saw how they done the alchemy buff. which is basically what i want to do . ( I.E. the player approaches an object, the spell/buff activates. and when the player is not directly in front of that object, the spell is removed. ) the one thing i was kindof confused about is how they actually did it. it looks to me like a spell activator, but i cant tell if they made their own spell for that mod that the script is referencing too or not. judging from the way the script was coded it looks like it.

the other problem i ran into is the object i wanted to add the script i'm writing too in general does not let me add scripts too it.. for example midtable03. i cant add a script to that, and thats the object i want my alchemy script to work on.. i do have MiddleBowlTanCandles01Orange512 set on the table which allows me to add scripts in it but im wondering if it's best to make a new ID referance for the bowle candle, but the problem with doing that is... i cant find it's NIF file.

i've been researching alot on elder scrolls construction set wiki on script moding and activators so i feel like i have a good handle on how to write a script. i just keep running into walls due to lack of experience and general direction. lol

any help would be very greaty appreciated.