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4th April 2010

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#1 8 years ago

Heya all So I am pretty new to modding Oblivion. I have modded other games before, so I'm not completely computer illiterate but I am having some troubles with dialogue. Using the CM companions .esm, I have added some custom companions to the game. What I want to do is modify their greeting dialogues. So what I have done is go to their NPC panal, and pressed the dialogue button. Because this npc uses the template from CM, it appears they already had some dialogue set up for greetings. However, when I tried to delete the different options, they didn't go away. DELETED appeared in under the info column for each dialogue option, but the text remained in each case (ex: "DELETED - Good Day!"). Further more, ingame the npc still appears to say the text. So my first question is this: How can I get rid of the previous greetings? Next, I tried adding the 7 different greetings I wanted this certain NPC to say. I added the dialogue and checked the "random" box. Then I "GetIsId", making certain to add the NPC's ID. the text appears in the box with the little * next to it, and then I save my plugin, load it into the game... and my NPC refuses to greet me with the dialogue I have added. My second question is this: How would I go about adding new greetings so that the NPC will say them in game. I should probably mention that I did try using the Dialogue tutorial. I added greeting dialogue via the CMPQ quest following the guide. It actually worked, adding my dialogue to the random rotation of greetings of this NPC, but I deleted it because the NPC still had his previous greetings in the random rotation (they would not be deleted) and I was afraid doing this would make the dialogue "unclean" (or whatever the correct term is). If someone would help me out here, I would really appreciate it. :)