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thumb_2006-09-01_05.jpg thumb_2006-09-01_12.jpg thumb_2006-09-01_13.jpg thumb_2006-09-01_15.jpg -=Download RP v9=- 110mb 7-zip archive ST Trailer Stream LowRes - YouTube | Gamespot | GoogleVideo ST Trailer DL - High Res | Low Res Comment the Trailer! -=Screenshot Gallery=- -=Info site/readme=- I would strongly recommend checking out the infosite, which has all the information you could want. A copy of it is included in the download (because it doubles as our readme). Reich Parkeep is a city you could actually visit in The Elder Scrolls I: Arena, located on the Morrowind Province's mainland. As you know, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind took place on an island in the Morrowind Province, and so you couldn't visit Reich Parkeep in-game -- unless you played the mod created by the Silgrad Tower team, as that mod added a big chunk of the Morrowind Province's mainland to the game. These days, the game has changed, but our mod hasn't. We're continuing our mod for the new game instead of disbanding. This early on in Oblivion's lifespan our mod exists as several isolated city mods. We're presently looking for a competent modder interested in creating our heightmap so that in the future you'll be able to travel from city to city. Our landmass won't be anywhere near Oblivion's scale, as we want plenty of room for wilderness. We feel it should take more than thirty seconds to run from dungeon to dungeon, and that the player should be allowed to feel lost or far from civilization. The city itself is diveded into a Redoran part, called Soluthis, and an Imperial part that gives its name to the overall city. The Imperial part consists of two keeps built on either hill connected by a bridge, and all around it is the massive, sprawling Redoran settlement. It's taken over a thousand wholly new models, but we're finally reaching the point where it's fully possible to mod a Redoran town, both inside and out. What the team needs now more than anything are competent modders that can breathe life into the Redoran part of town, so it won't be just a gallery of pretty models anymore. If you're interested in joining our team and picking up a claim or two in Soluthis, you're most welcome to our claims board. We have lots of open claims and I'm sure you'll find a spot you like. I promise you'll have a blast modding homes unlike anything players have ever seen! :D -=What's new?=- For a lengthy report of all the developments, please check out the changelog on the infosite. The short story is that everything looks and works better and we've modelled hundreds of new models. -=FAQ=- Q: How do I get to Reich Parkeep? A: If you make your way to Cheydinhal you'll notice a large portal standing just on the side of the road leading up to the castle. You can't miss it. This is a temporary entrance to the city; ultimately the goal is to let the player walk all the way from Cyrodiil's northeastern border straight to the city gates of this and other towns. Q: I can't find the portal? A: In all likelyhood you forgot to tick Reich_Parkeep_Portal.esp when you started the game. Q: Will you mod the whole Morrowind Province? A: No. The part of the mainland we want to mod is seen here. Q: When will it be finished? A: Never. We won't reach a point where we say "we're finished, it's done, let's scatter to the wind and do other stuff", we'll continue working on the mod indefinitely. It'll have more and more playable content as time goes on and ultimately entertain players for dozens of hours like our TES3 mod did. Expanded faq