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25th May 2006

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#1 11 years ago

ok people, heres the deal.

my old teams gone. i dont know if they gave up,forgot or left(yes i know some left)

but anyways i still think this mod can make it if we stick to our guns.

so heres what i need

i need at least one 3d modellor, and i mean one whos made weapons and/or armour for oblivion succesfully before someone who can UV map their models

i need someone who can skin these creations, if someone can texture decently thats dandy because i cant texture for popsicle's (unless you count that golden longsword i made but never relea- *oops* ive said too much).

im learning to map, but if someone's available to make maps thats also great

i need a quest designer. yes we have a storyline(and plenty of other stuff)

if your wondering where i fit into here, im the concept designer.

now im taking pretty much all people who want to help, just be sure to show something youve done and to tell me what you can do

all the best Shadowlance [email][/email]