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#1 13 years ago

Greets everyone, I've began working on a mod named The Magistrian Isles. Its a sort of side modification for the game. It would include two separate islands (That have no effect on the world of Cyrodiil), the purpose of this modification is to create new type of landscapes, armor, weapons, quests, and a new type of experience. I've attached a map of the two islands in this post of what I plan and have been working on. I'm interested in anyone who would like to join this project. All positions are welcome as follows; Voice Acting Level Modification Modeling Texturing and Retexturing Concept Art Scripting Beta Testing (Which will be capped after so many responses) and General suggestions are welcome as well I would prefer if anyone having interest in this Modification e- mail me their desired positions and I can further respond to them directly. My email is: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] If anyone has any questions on the history, background of the isles, cities or whatever, just ask. Atas Arusiek


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2nd May 2006

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#2 13 years ago

I just sent you an email, but I accidentaly sent it with no subject. It's from [email][/email]


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#3 13 years ago

I'm going to give a little background information on some of the locations on the map. For a better idea of the landscaping to be expected...

The Evoris Forest:

The Evoris Forest, or also in the common tong the Dead Forest is a wasteland of decay and death. The once peaceful residents and residential animals have been either killed or mutilated by a Mystic made Plague. The Plague although mostly disipated still rolls through the forest of decay in a poison cloud known as "The Poison Cloud of Wethleg". What can be expected to see? : Obviously... Death, burnt and decaying trees, undead, corpus looking creatures, ruins of buildings, and the source of the Plague cloud... The Bethalogl Hall.

Check back for more posts with discriptive previews of the other locals :D