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25th May 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Hello all! we the modding team of The Legend of Zelda: Royal Blood are looking for experianced tes4 modders to help us with a playtest! thats right we need help finishing the weaponry to import them into the game heres the list of people we need

people who can map 3d models *IMPORTANT*

decent tes4 construction set mappers

texture artists *IMPORTANT*

and good 'ole experienced weapon modders for tes4

if you can fit any of these feel free to apply here or on the forums (

being able to 3d model is not a requirement


anyone who helps with the work on the first playtest will become Official Beta Playtesters

from the first playtest till the mod is finished and released!

also on the reward is access to the secret forum for people who wish to stay on the team

unfortunatly this means one time helpers will have not have this feature

##@@How to Apply@@##

Experience: This is where you put what you can do

Modded tes4 before?: answer either yes or no to this question to tell whether or not youve modded oblivion before

To Stay or to Go?: here you put whether your planning on staying on the team or only helping till the first playtest

What ive done: place here any info on what youve done in the past


All the best Shadowlance, Lead Designer/Concept Artist The legend of Zelda: Royal Blood.