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16th August 2007

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#1 13 years ago

this is a basic actor trigger zone script could some one tell me how to make the trigger only recognise actors and the player from a specific factionas targets scn TrigZoneACTORRESET02SCRIPT ; Activates linked Parent ; Can be triggered again after a 5 second delay short triggered ref target ref mySelf float timer begin onTriggerActor if triggered == 0 set target to getParentRef set mySelf to getSelf target.activate mySelf 1 set triggered to 1 set timer to 5 endif end begin gameMode if triggered == 1 && timer <= 0 set triggered to 0 endif if timer >= 0 set timer to timer - getSecondsPassed endif end


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#2 13 years ago

use the commands such as:

If Player.GetInFaction [Insert Faction] == 1

or like

If Player.GetFactionRank [Insert Faction] == [insert rank number]

and then just change for the NPC from the faction with persistent ref's