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5th July 2006

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Hello folks.

I've been working on a mod for about 2 months now, it adds another land equal in size to Tamriel. Read on for more details.


Lolly - Modelling, Music, Quests, Design, Voiceactor, Idea comeruperer. Creepyfellow - Modelling, Spells, Weapons, Monster design. Oscuro - Script developer, Quest writer, Modelling. Spookydoom - Ingame movies, Rendered movies. Ren - Character design, Modelling, Quest developer.

Completion Status:

Quests: Main quest finished, 112 out of 142 side quests finished.

Modelling: Main/Required modelling finished, 1900/2300 other models finished.

Character Design: All main characters finished. All other characters finished.

Weapons: All quest weapons finished. All other weapons finished.

Spells: All spells finished. All enchanted items finished. All other spells finished.

Compatibility With Other Mods: Compatible with all mods.

Music: Battle music finished. Other music finished.

Information About Another Land Mod: This mod adds the brand spanking new land of Zimnel. It becomes available after the completion of the main quest, you must speak to Jauffre and he tells you about a underground tunnel being discovered. He asks you to investigate and of course, explore it. He believes there is a Daedric shine inside. But oh is he wrong, it turns out to be an underground entry to a brand new civilization called Zimnel. Although, the tunnel holds many dangers (Don't worry, there's no monsters in it). Once you have travelled through the tunnel avoiding it's hidden booby traps, 100 ft falls and etc. you will meet a warrior and he will lead you outside and speak to him to begin your main quest. While on your adventures in Zimnel, you will visit the depths of Hell itself.

Main Quest Details: After you first talk to Mr. Warrior Guy, he tells you to go to a village. When you arrive it is being raided by bandits. You then have a vision about a young girl/boy (Depending on your sex) (24ish) being attacked and having her eyes cut out. You then faint. You wake up the next day in a bed at the Paladin's Guild. You then speak with the Guildmaster and he explains what happens, turns out they found you lying in the middle of a field near the village. You then explain to him the vision and he says not to worry about it and that you must train to become a Paladin before you can face the many dangers of Zimnel.

A few years later...

Your training is complete and you are dispatched to the village that was raided. As you walk into the village you will have a vision of a blind girl/boy. You then faint again. You later wake up in the inn, head downstairs and talk to the innkeeper, he says he found you outside. Thought you were having a fit or something. You then enquire about the blind girl and he tells you where she resides. You then go to her cabin outside the village and as you step in you have a vision of when you were a young child and you were playing with another child that looks familiar, you then faint AGAIN. You wake up in the blind girl/boy's bed. You ask them why you have so many vision about them and they explain to you that they are your, well brother/sister. After a long talk you set out to destroy the bandits that blinded her. When you get to the bandit camp you face their leader, Jack. He easily kills you. You don't wake up this time, your dead. Bim bam boom. Dead. But, there's always a twist, you make a deal with Satan. It seems Jack owes a certain someone his soul. Satan let's you go back if you swear to kill Jack. You wake up in the dirt and you must be creative in getting out.

You are then immediately teleported to the Paladin's Guild. After a talk to the Guildmaster about Jack, it turns out he is a former Hero. Well former Hero(s). It turns out Jack is the combined form of all the evil heroes and it is said he cannot die... Unless someone pure of heart and soul owns a weapon of Pure good. Well this is the hard part. You head out to the graves of the four former Guildmasters. Maziel of Magikel, Agatha of Anvil, Zantom of Zimnel and Elif of Eldor. You must then figure out the puzzle to enter the catacombs. There you will talk to the former guildmasters and they will hand you a weapon, the Maze blade.

You then talk to the Guildmaster once again and he explains that you must go to Magikel and talk to the Silversmith there. When you arrive in Magikel, you talk to the Silversmith and he tells you about the prophets. He also opens the tunnel to the chambers of the prophets. You travel through them, figuring out it's puzzles. When you talk to the prophets, you ask about Jack and they explain the only way to get him weak enough is to destroy the buried corpses of the being that make him so powerful they then tell you where to head. You head there and it's nothing but a dried up lake, you then head back to the prophets and they explain to you why they sent you there. You were apparently send there to explain to you something, you can't weaken Jack. You need to face him head on. You then head back to the Paladin's Guild. It's being raided, you find your way to the back chambers where you must defeat Jack using your Maze blade. It seems you can't hit him, the Guildmaster tells you that it's not a blade. You figure it out, you place the Maze Blade in your bow and fire! You hit Jack in the heart, he summons a teleport and runs through it, you quickly run through it also.

You meet up with your sister and she tells you that you musn't attack Jack, for he is in his final stage of evolution. Enquiring why, she answers. He needed pure good in him to complete his transformation eg. the Maze Blade. With a balance of Pure Evil and Pure Good in him, he is unstoppable. You head back to the Guild. You revisit the former Guildmasters and they say there isn't another Maze Blade, anywhere. Then you tell them to put themselves into your weapon. They do so. Come out of the tunnel and you will immediately be teleported to Jack's domain, and of course, he is a big mean ************ in his final stage. After a while of swordfighting, you eventually kill him. You then have the chance to take his soul and keep it with you, therefore transforming into Jack at will, or send it to Satan. If you keep it, people will not like you as much but you will have huge statistic increases, if you throw it away you will become Guildmaster of the Paladin's Guild.

Oh, and once this is all done you may purchase a house in all the villages and you will be able to visit your sister and she will be able to assign you quests.

Fun Features: Photobooth: Every town in Zimnel has a 'photobooth' which allows you to take pictures of your character in well... a photobooth. You can pull faces, change backgrounds. You can do anything you could do in a normal photobooth.

Zimnel Zoo: Zimnel Zoo is basically a zoo where the best of monsters are held for your viewing (behind bars, that is). It's also great range training.

Bungee Jumper: That's right! Bungee Jumping in Oblivion! Head over to the capital of Zimnel and have a in-game bungee experience like no other!

Gentlemen's Club: You know what I mean.

Ladies' Club: The Gentlemen can have one, so why can't the ladies? Theatre: Since having an actual movie theatre would be well very unrealistic, we're having live performances. You can either watch them or take part in them. Screenshots will be added soon.


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18th March 2006

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sounds very impressive, i await screenys