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#1 9 years ago

Hello everybody, Please can anyone help me with The Elder Scrolls 4 (Oblivion) ? Level: Breaking the siege at Kvatch. Point: after the Corridors of Salvation, killing the enemy en the Sigil Keep Key is in my inventory. New proceed to the previous tower. Opening the door on the left is NOT POSSIBLE because my healthmeter is at a mimimum point. H E L P ? CAN ANYONE TEL ME HOW I CAN INSTALL THE CHEATCODE "TGM' FOR GETTING INSTANT LIFE ? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TOT DO TO INSTALL CHEATCODES? HOW DOES IT WORK? PLEASE CAN ANYONE TEL ME WHAT TO DO (step by step)? Thanks ! elfernie :confused: :( :rolleyes: :confused:


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#2 9 years ago

If you're playing it on PC, just hit the Tilde (~) key and type "tgm", without the quotes.


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#3 9 years ago

Thanks ! :) ;) :cya: Problem is fixt ! Have a great time while playing ! Bai ! elfernie :p

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#4 9 years ago


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