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#1 12 years ago

I installed this mod, and used it only on one character, who I made through the Oblivion save manager. I didn't like it, so i unchecked the box. When I loaded the same character, I still couldn't fast travel. I deleted the .esm file and I still couldn't. I Uninstalled and reinstalled Oblivion, but it made no difference. The mod says nothing about uninstallation in the readme. I use a ton of mods, including:

OOO, MMM, Rens beauty pack, akaviri imports, realistic force, bayview villa, natural weather, habitat, water, living economy,oblivion tournament, eldrac's armory, see me die, and a few I made myself.

None of the mods affect fast travel in any way, as far as I know (the ones I made just added some chests and weapons).

Thank you for your help.