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#1 10 years ago

I picked up Oblivion on the PS3 and have been tearing through the main quest. I made it all the way to a mission were Martin asks you to go find a Daedric item and bring it back. Sounded easy enough, right? So I head off to the area where the Daedric worshippers are, killed all three of them thinking one of them had the next item on their body, only to find out that no one had anything important. Oddly, the third guy will never die. He just keeps getting back up after I kill him. Anyway, I checked FAQs on how to beat the mission, and I'm supposed to get glow dust from a Will-of-the-Wisp and offer it. So, I've killed a bunch of will-o-the-wisps, taken their glow dust, and waited for dawn or dusk (different FAQS say different times, anywhere between 4-6AM/PM or 5-7AM/PM) and I go to offer the glow dust: Nothing happens. I have glow dust in my inventory, and I'm pressing the (X) button to offer it to the statue, but nothing happens. I've tried eating the glow dust, leaving it there, exiting and reloading the area, everything, and no success. I saw someone else had this problem, but he must have completed it because the thread pretty much died out. Thanks in advance. 02-24-2008 05:27 PM

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#2 10 years ago

Try talking with the Daedric worshipper that won't die. He should have an option in his dialogue to talk about the shrine there, and then you should be able to offer the glowdust to the statue. On a side note, the artifact you get from that quest is a really useful one, and the daedric artifact that you give to Martin will be destroyed, so unless you don't think you get much use out of that artifact, it might be good to pick a different one for the main quest.