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#1 12 years ago

hey everyone, i've been getting a few mods lately for oblivion and i noticed that whenever i put something in a display case, either a mod house or the house in skingrad which is a normally player owned house, if i save and then shut down oblivion, when i open it the item in the case is gone. i thought at first it was just the mod houses that would do it but when i tested to see if it would do the same thing in skingrad and it vanished, i didn't know what to think. if someone could help me i would really appreciate it. i've been carrying everything i own around and it's a little annoying. thanks :]


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#2 12 years ago

for the carrying everything around, buy a house with a chest and store them in there, not a display case. but for the display case problem, cud be a mod that is causing it