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#1 13 years ago

[COLOR=black]I'm playing Oblivion on X-BOX 360 and I've played about 75 hours so far. The thing is, my game is fcuked! I can't load anything after I go into Barius Manor! [/COLOR][COLOR=black][/COLOR] [COLOR=black] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]The game either stays on the "loading" screen and dims, then I get the audio I should be getting from the game, or the game loads, but I can only spin around (well, judging by the image on the screen it's only my head that is moving!) [/COLOR][COLOR=black][/COLOR] [COLOR=black] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]I have a save from just before I go into the manor, and if I reload from there the game does the same when I try to load it after the next time I die! It is doing this regardless of the task I am on! [/COLOR][COLOR=black][/COLOR] [COLOR=black] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]It is only doing this to me! My boyfriend has his own profile/login and has played roughly the same number of hours as I have, his game loads up fine![/COLOR][COLOR=black][/COLOR] [COLOR=black] [/COLOR] [COLOR=black]I think I read something on here about holding "A" down as the game loads to clear the Cache memory on the HD, might that work? I don't want to do anything to ruin/delete my boyfriend’s games - he has done more of the main quest than me and is a higher level and might shout if he had to start over too![/COLOR]