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#1 7 years ago

Hey guys! I have GOTY on Windows 7, the game runs great with no issues, but for some reason the cats in Martigen's "CATS AND RATS MOD" v2.5 are invisible. It worked flawlessly on my XP but I cant seem to get it to work with my new Windows 7. I can see them with a life detect spell, so I know they are there. I also noticed that the audio sounds arent being played like when you punch a cat it screams normally. So why isnt the game recognizing the texture and audio files in the "Data: folder? I heard somebody suggest that I should try a mod manager and have tried using Oblivion Mod Manager and that didn't make a difference. PLEASE HELP! I have seen that a couple other people had this problem in the comments they left on various download sites, but Martigen hasn't replied to any comment's from what I could find...:(