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#1 12 years ago

Hi guys, bought the oblivion collectors edition (with super coin :P) when it first came out and played through the main quest, then got bored.

So I came back to oblivion to do some other quests and found my dvd was damaged (my own fault), luckily I had a backup which i used to make an install.

Now I am trying to play through the game, but I keep getting missing textures (black rats/zombies, no loading screens etc), and then after a few minutes the game crashes. I never had these problems before so Im not sure whether its an anti-piracy thing or what, but since I have already bought the game once I dont want to have to pay twice.

Has anyone else come across this problem at all? its a vanilla install and video/audio settings dont seem to make any difference to the behaviour.

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#2 12 years ago

maybe u didnt get every thing on the back up or the backup is smudged or sumthing or scratched