Rome Mod For Oblivion/ Guard formations. -1 reply

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26th June 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Now this is wacky idea for oblivion, but i think this would be some REALLY good mod... Wonder if there would be insted of Imperial City, ROME:p . And all the guards in the Rome would walk in precise order, line or something. Then the headchief's of guards would be centurions, and allways when a soldier meets soldier, they put hand on their hart, and fastly get it pointing front (and say AVE):naughty: . Then all the weapons, other cities, and creatures would be made realistic and delete all the oblivion gates. This is really impossible idea, but i would also just love one mod, that would make the guards walk in ordered lines or something... :lol:


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#2 14 years ago

I like where this guy is going. Hell a faithful ( or close to) recreation the city of Rome would be impressive enough. It'd be neat to see a Rome mod, or a mod of all things starting from the earliest mediterranian civilizations (Greece, Egypt, etc) leading up to little after 400AD would be an impressive sight to see, including clothing, armor, and artifacts. The cities Rome, Alexandria, Babylon, Hadrian's Wall....and since it would be fantasy..Troy, Atlantis (especially if one would base it off the possible Minoan theory of Atlantis) and all the others.