TES Warnings after Delting oblivion gates -1 reply

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#1 12 years ago

mk, so im starting a new project in the topal bay area, i found a nice location at around 29-45 (directly south east of leyawin, that small little island) the problem is theirs a oblivion gate not to far from that location, its not a crucial gate to the game, but when i deleted it and removed its map marker, TES is now giving me a error when i load about a missing reference, probably cause of what i just deleted. is their away around this error or should i just start over and pick a new location away from oblivion gates..?



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#2 12 years ago

Um, you sir are screwed. This oblivion gate had references tied to it's world item ID. World Item IDs are generated randomly when you put something into the world, they cannot be duplicated or manually set. ALL oblivion gates are linked to the main quest, do not delete/change them. My suggestion is to create a new ESP.