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#1 13 years ago

i have trouble in skingrad. i first is not surprisingly related to the vampire cure quest. i nearly completed the quest but i can't collect my reward. i was able to get in the secret room with much difficulty(the npc was costantly walking against a wall) the count gave his wife the cure and he left. when i talk to the argonian in the secret chamber she says she'll get the count but she doesn't go anywhere during the day or night no matter how much time passes. i went to the count himself but all he says is: please go. i can't collect my reward and couldn't get help when i was searching for allies for another quest. i couldn't talk to the count. he always says please go. the second problem in skingrad is the butler. i can't find him. i want to buy a house but i can't find him. the arrow points to a location but nobody is there. where can i find him?


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#2 13 years ago

For the vampire cure, you have to wait 24 hours, if you did then it could be a courrupted save or file. For the butler, you can find him in great hall in Skingrad.