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#1 11 years ago

I am currently working on a huge modding project. I will keep you intouch soon. Anyway, i have a few teleport problems. I have added an exterior door to farmhouse01. I have linked it to my interior world. The interior door links to the exterior door. When i enter the farmhouse01 interior, i enter successfully. When i exit it, instead of being taken outside my house infront of the door, i am stuck inside the exterior version of my house on the other side of the door (its hollow and i am stuck inside because of the walls ((which are invisible.)) Someone help please! I tried to view the teleport markers, but it just takes me to the door im linked to and no marker appears!

My second question - say i download a mod for blue glass armour. When i make a new mod using CS, can i use the blue glass armour on my mod? Or do i have to download a seperate NIF file? I would really appreciate a reply, and i will certainly add your name on my projects credits - thankyou. (The mod will be very large and great, details soon...)