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#1 15 years ago

Attention all guests. Would you like to join a clan. Would you like to be part of a clan that has scrims, matches, and even practices to make your game skills better. This clan is based on a first person shooter came called, Return to Castle Wolfenstein (enemy territory) game. This clan depends on leadership and good clan activity. You must be mature and 15 yrs old and up. If this sounds like the clan for you, contact us here. E-Mail [email="Bad1ga@Aol.com"]Bad1ga@Aol.com[/email]. Or you can reach me on AIM at Zwm07ga. More details about this clan will be giving to you once you respond and are intrested. This is our team webpage. http://35thid.tripod.com/index.html


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Thread split and moved to appropriate Enemy Territory forum.