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18th June 2002

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#1 15 years ago

JcL (J's Coffee Lounge)is looking for players

JcL Coffee Lounge ETPro ET2.60 ETAdminbot with JcLMod (which is custom sounds & minor changes)

Located at The Planet data center in Dallas, TX on Gig-E Connection for the smoothest pings from both coasts

server stats,player stats, Ventrilo etc... all kinds of goodies we have it ALL hosted by JW Servers 2.00 per slot good prices great host they have been EXCELLENT with tech support and GREAT Prices

JcL server is tons of Fun -- u will need ETPro to play as well as the JcL Pk3's our watermark pk3 and our Mod Pk3 which can be Dled directly from server via DL-Redirect at 300kbps so its a FAST DL and u can dl them from our website under Downloads if u wish to DL before connecting

we all have a extremely fun time on server -- Hell even the staff at rtcwfiles plays with us LOL

so check it all out - apply to JcL and join us in the fun - we dont compete (Yet) right now we mainly just get on server and frag for TONS of fun

check us out people - i bet money you will love the server as much as we all do