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10th October 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Come visit our server and get your ass kicked harded than ever before.

Server IP is (Spearhead Only) 20 clients 16 public/4 private

Our server runs a custom realism mod, MPSH & Battleserver Mod (FFA and TDM only)

All modes of play available via votemenu, custom TDM & OBJ maps avail on website

Stock rotation only.

Server mostly runs in OBJ and TOW mode.

Come experience a battle like never before.

No we are not recruiting anyone from a forum like these other lame ass no server clans.

Interested in a match against {clanless} ? email [email]matchwithus@clan-less.org[/email]

Beware ALL {cl} members are server admins. Be sure to read the rules at www.clan-less.org